4 Important Tips for Quality Pre-wedding Photography

4 Important Tips for Quality Pre-wedding Photography


A wedding is one of the most important occasions in everyone’s life and the memories of the same are captured and secured through photographs. If you want your photographer to understand your personalities in a better way, and thus your wedding photographs to turn out perfect, then it will be a good idea to opt for pre-wedding photography.


Pre-wedding photography is much in fashion nowadays and together with helping you get a glimpse of what kind of result you can expect from your photographer it even gives your photographer the chance to figure out which is your best profile. Furthermore, you too get comfortable in front of the camera.

One thing you need to remember is that just being randomly dressed up and getting photographs clicked anywhere will not offer you good results. If you are interested in quality pre-wedding photography you need to follow certain tips, some of which are shared below.


  1. Find the best photographer

Obviously, if you want the best results you have to hire the best photographer. This does not necessarily mean the best photographer in your city or the world but the one who can successfully showcase your personality in the best way.

You should first carefully go through the work of the photographer as this will help you get a fair understanding of what you can expect. If, for instance, you go through the Chris Chang photography website you will see their work displayed under various categories such as actual day wedding photography, overseas wedding photography, wedding videography, and even a pre-wedding photoshoot package. Simply by browsing through these photographs, you will understand how wonderful their work is and then you can decide if that is what you are interested in.


  1. Ask your photographer all important questions


After you have checked the portfolio and liked someone’s work, instead of hiring them straight away you need to ask questions and clear any doubts that you have. Ask, if they are available on your desired dates, what are their wedding and pre-wedding photography expenses, what type of photography style will they suggest for you, are there any extra expenses involved, and so on. More the questions you ask easier will it be to take the right decision


  1. Start preparing

Now that you have hired a photographer, you need to begin preparing for your pre-wedding shoot. You may have planned three, four, or five different costumes, but you need to pack one extra at least. You never know things might not turn as planned, there can be sudden rain, your dress may get spoilt somehow, or the dress may not look as good in the backdrop as was imagined.


Discuss what you plan to wear with your photographer and also select the right accessories. Prepare a checklist and as you keep packing them, tick them off so that you do not miss anything.

  1. Decide a location


The location you choose will have a great impact on the results. Depending on your budget you can go out of the city or discuss with your photographer and find a good local location. If you have selected some exotic property make sure to get the permissions and then you are going to enjoy privacy as well as great results.


If you are among the shy ones and are conscious of others staring, then it will be best to select a place that is secluded. You can also ask your photographer if he/she can combine two different locations so that you have the option of more themes and get more interesting results.


To Conclude –

Apart from following these tips, if you are interested in the best quality pre-wedding photography you need to be confident in front of the camera. Pose like no one’s watching, show the chemistry you share, do not be afraid of experimenting, and follow whatever your photographer says to the t, and the results are sure to go beyond your expectations.

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