Benefits of Getting a PR Application

Nowadays, more and more people are moving to Singapore. There are a lot of reasons to submit a PR application Singapore. The country is beautiful and there are so many opportunities. When you went there as a tourist, there is a big chance you enjoyed it and you would want to extend your visa. The best option would be becoming a permanent resident so you can enjoy the tourist attractions there like Marina Bay Sands and Sentosa any time you want.

More Job Opportunities

You won’t see much permanent residents in Singapore because they are getting prioritized by companies. There is a reason why you still see old people work at cafeterias. Not only do they not want to get bored, they also find it easy to get a job as a permanent resident. Thus, even if you resigned from your previous employer in Singapore, it won’t be long before find a new job. It is definitely not a good feeling to be unemployed for a long period of time. You won’t know how you will pay your bills so it is a good thing that won’t happen if you are a PR in Singapore.

Easy to Move Around

Only permanent residents in Singapore can buy cars there. Yes, vehicles in Singapore are known to be expensive but it will be worth it because there isn’t much traffic in Singapore. It is not like other countries where cars are not moving during rush hour. If you don’t want to own a car, you will find out that the train system is easy to use. If you are not in a hurry, why not take the bus? The transportation system in the country is pretty organized so it won’t be long before you get used to it. There is even a free tram ride going to and from Sentosa.

Great Business Environment

There is a reason why a lot of companies chose to have their main headquarters in Singapore. It is situated in a nice location in Southeast Asia. The residents in Singapore are also workhorses so it would be ideal to hire people there. If you are a permanent resident, you won’t have much rules to worry about when you want to start a business. The same can’t be said if you only have an employee pass holder though. Besides, everyone knows nobody becomes rich by being an employee. You need to be your own boss with a business you are good at.

Now that you know the benefits about being a permanent resident in Singapore, what are you waiting for? It is not even hard to get your PR application Singapore approved. They just need a few requirements that you need to submit online. Once you have completed all those requirements, you can look forward to living the rest of your life in Singapore. When you finally get a job, you will be enjoying excellent government benefits. The pension system is fixed in such a way that you will be fully compensated long after you retire.

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