Having a dedicated study table will help the child study better

Children have to do a lot of writing, drawing and other work, for which they require a table. While some students are also using tablets, laptops and computers for doing some of their school work, they will also require a table for keeping the tablet or computer. Though it is possible to use the tablet or laptop while sitting on the bed, it is not comfortable and will adversely affect the posture in the long term. Some reasons why parents should purchase a study table for children specifically designed for them are discussed below.


In some homes, especially smaller homes, the child or children will be sharing the table space with others. In a few homes, the child will be using the dining table for studies. This is not very convenient for the child, since the child cannot study continuosly, the studies will be interrupted when the family is having dinner. Additionally the child will waste his or her time, since they have to bring the textbooks, notebooks and other items which are stored elsewhere to the table while studying and clear the table after the studies are over. 


In some cases where the table is used for multiple purposes, the food or other items kept on the table have to be cleaned thoroughly before the child can study on the table. If the table is not cleaned properly, the food items may cause oil and other stains on the text books and school books, damaging them. The child will also find that the table is not free when they want it for studying, which will reduce their motivation to study in some cases, or irritate the child. Though it is possible to write using a writing pad, it is not comfortable, and the handwriting is affected.


Hence parents in Singapore should purchase a dedicated study table like the Kidschamp Magicube for each child in the family. The Kidschamp study table has been developed after extensive research on the requirements of children who require a table for studying properly. The table is ergonomically designed so that the child is comfortable, and enjoys using it. He has complete control over the table, deciding which items will be kept on the table, and does not have to share it with others. Since the table is used only for studying, there is no problem of getting food or other stains.


Additionally the table also has plenty of storage space, which will make the house look less cluttered. The table has multiple racks so that the different kinds books like story books, text books, files and other items can be properly organized. This will also make it easier to retrieve the books or files whenever required. Additionally the table also has drawers which are located below the table top. These drawers can be conveniently used for storing pencils, rubbers, pens, crayons and other stationery items which the child will use often. The family can use the same table though the height of the growing child will increase since the table top height is adjustable using a handle on the table side. 

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