Popular restaurants at Jewel, Changi Airport

The jewel at Changi airport of Singapore is one of the most newest and most expensive malls in Singapore and opened a few years ago. The mall has a total area of 137000 square meters, and a terrace garden of area 14000 square meters. It is a landmark in Singapore having the tallest indoor waterfall in the world. Many Singaporeans planning to visit Jewel for shopping or other reasons, especially on holidays would like to find out what to eat at jewel in changi airport so that they can plan their trip accordingly. Jewel has 112 food and beverage outlets, serving a wide range of food ranging from fast food to Chinese. So depending on the personal preferences and budget, visitors can choose any of the outlet. Some of the more popular restaurants at Jewel are described below.


Yun nans is one of the more popular restaurants serving original Chinese food, and the Jewel outlet is the first outlet outside Yunnan in China. Steamed chicken pot soup is one of specialty dishes, with the ingredients for the soup being imported directly from Yunnan to ensure that it retains its flavor and quality

The Shang special is the first outlet of the Shangri la group outside its hotels. The restaurant serves dishes from the three different Chinese cuisines, Cantonese, Sichuan and Huaiyang selected by the top rated chefs of the hotel chain. In addition to the dining area, it also has a cocktail bar. Some of the popular chinese dishes like glutinous rice and fried rice are served. Boneless chicken which is filled with glutinous rice,and filleted red grouper served with pea mash, Chinese cabbage and pickled peppers are some of the popular dishes.

Fast food

Burger and lobster is another restaurant for those who like seafood, especially lobsters. The lobsters are specially imported from Canada. Those who like fast food should check the Shake shack , especially its speciality the shack burger. Fries and waffle ice cream are also available. In addition to the various burgers, the restaurant also has some desserts and snacks which use local ingredients and delicacies like the pandan shake ice cream and gula melaka.


The tiger street lab has been set up by the local tiger beer company. The outlet is popular for its fresh beer brews which are often available only for a limited time. It also offers a wide variety of local dishes collaborating with local Singapore restaurants, which are combined with the different types of beer from tiger beer.

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