Power Saving Tips in Singapore

Electricity Saving Tricks


Today, the cost of living in Singapore is rising at an alarming pace. Whether it’s food, clothing, or shelter, the prices are crossing beyond limits. The situation is no better in the case of electricity. In such a gloomy scenario, you ought to take concrete steps that will reduce your electricity bills. Here are handy power saving tips in Singapore.

Switch to energy-efficient appliances

People use a variety of appliances to ease their day to day work. Fridge, furnace, air conditioner, etc are some of the popular items that speed up the work and offer the much-desired comfort. However, these appliances consume too much energy, increasing your monthly electricity bills.  Comparing electricity retailers in Singapore is also recommended.

Switching to energy-efficient appliances can reduce your electricity consumption by half. Check appliances that are known for using less electricity and exchange your existing units for those units. Within no time, you’ll see visible results in the form of low electricity consumption.

Use LED lights

Most homeowners use incandescent bulbs. While these conventional bulbs provide a warm glow, they eat too much electricity. A typical LED bulb consumes 75 percent less electricity than the incandescent bulb. By using LED bulbs, you may bring down your electricity consumption to a great extent.

Turn off the appliances when not in use

Leaving your appliances on standby doesn’t help you. On the contrary, it adds to your electricity bills. Have you switched off the TV after watching your favorite shows? Is the Wi-Fi router turned off when not in use? Note this point and see to it that your appliances are switched off after usage.

Switch to Senoko Energy

Depending on a reliable electricity supplier such as Senoko Energy is one of the best power saving tips in Singapore. The company has helped thousands of households reduce electricity bills with their price plans. Whether you want to capitalize on guaranteed savings or cherish a fixed rate for a couple of years, Senoko Energy is there to help out.

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