Understanding Tax Compliance in Singapore

Tax filing is increasingly becoming complex under IRAs scrutiny. Sometimes, it is challenging to catch up with the ever-changing tax rules and mandatory tax deadlines for businesses. Incorrect returns and late submission can call for penalties. For this reason, you might want to outsource your company’s tax function to qualified personnel and avoid tax-related stress and hassles.

A chartered accounting firm that provides outsourced accountancy services¬† gives a full range of all tax services in Singapore besides accounting services to businesses. The company’s accounting services are reliable and flexible based on your business’s actual conditions and unique needs. These experts can seamlessly handle all your business’s taxes as they have strong awareness and expertise in tax. Therefore, engaging them will help your business save time and money, allowing you to focus on your business’s growth. Here are the tax services that such a company can offer:

Tax services in Singapore

Any business should have efficient tax management. With the help of an outsourced accounting service, this is a simple task to accomplish. The company’s professionals are registered and licensed as accredited tax professionals in Singapore and are proficient in helping your business with effective tax strategies.

Goods and services tax

This is a consumption tax levied on almost all goods and services. Every company or business with more than taxable goods supplies of more than one million dollars is entitled to register for Hoods ad services tax and quarterly submit these returns. Qualified professionals will guide you through every step to complete the filing process.

Personal income tax

This tax is not as complicated as that of corporate tax. You should first use the progressive tax rate, taxable income, and tax residency to determine this tax. Finding all this can be a lot of hassle for a business person due to the tight schedules. Find an outsourced accounting firm that is ready to help you with this matter.

GST Assisted Self helping Kit review

Whichever outsourced chartered accounting service you go with, you can ask for a self-assessment package designed to aid businesses in effectively managing their GST compliance.

Provide E-Stamp for companies documents

Taxation ought to keep the company authorized to operate its activities. When the company pays its taxes, there is a need for E-stamping. In case of misunderstanding or disagreement on paying taxes, the company can produce its documents with E-stamp and have a solid position to defend in the court. It helps to have an accounting service on call that will assist with E-stamping of tax documents.

Tax services associated with withholding

There is a law in Singapore related to withholding taxation. Such taxes are imposed on non-resident Singapore companies or any service providing services in Singapore in having their income from the region. If the service you provide lies under this law, you have to pay for taxes that exist as withholding tax.


Taxes can be a delicate matter for a company that is unsure of the right procedure and doesn’t have immediate access to a qualified taxation service provider. There are several taxes a company will be required to comply with, starting from their operation authorization to what it offers. Chartsworth could be your best taxation service provider for GST registration, withholding taxes, transfer pricing, Apply Certificate of Residence, personal income, e-stamping, goods & services and company income tax services.

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