What you need to Know about AEIS and The Importance of AEIS Tuition

AEIS is the acronym for Admission exercise for International Students. AEIS Singapore is therefore an admission exercise for international students who want to join Singapore’s mainstream secondary or primary schools. The interview is normally performed in the month of February and towards the end of the month of September every year. It is compulsory for every student who wants to join the mainstream schools in Singapore. Some people wonder how difficult the exam is. In order to be on the safe side, it is advisable to have your kid take AEIS tuition.

What does the test entail?

The government of Singapore has never disclosed the questions of the past year’s AEIS exams to the public. However, it is good to understand that the centralized test normally assesses the students’ knowledge of numeracy, reasoning skills, and the English language. Most lessons in Singapore are taught in English and this is the reason why any international student must be skilled in their English language to have an easy learning process of the subjects they learn in class. Students who are not proficient in English may find it hard to understand the lessons and therefore hate the subject taught in this language.

AEIS procedure for international admissions

  • You should start by submitting an AEIS application form
  • Receive confirmation if you have met the entry requirements
  • Do the AEIS examination for secondary or primary school
  • Check your scores online
  • You should then report to the school you had applied for if you have passed the exams

What is the importance of AEIS tuition?

Getting enrolled in a government school is no joke. It is important to send your kid for AEIS tuition to get him or her prepared for the AEIS examination. Note that most foreigners are fighting for limited chances and students have to pass well in order to get a vacancy in the mainstream Singapore schools. An AEIS tuition will help boost your kid’s chances of getting enrolled in one of these schools.

Tutors know what the AEIS interviewers are looking for. They will help your kid improve in these areas. At times students fail in the AEIS examination due to a lack of confidence and panic. A good tutor will help to boost the confidence of your kid and he or she will be able to handle the examination with a lot of confidence. A good tutor will also help your kid to believe that he can make it and also make him or her have a different view of the AEIS examination because many people believe that this test is hard.

If you are a foreigner, it is advisable to hire a tutor in Singapore. The Singapore education system may be different from the one your kid was used to. The tutor will introduce your kid to the country’s education system. He or she will also give the kid step-by-step guidance about the country’s education system. He or she will also guide the kid about the exam format and the techniques he or she can use to answer the questions. By sending your kid for AEIS tuition you can rest assured that he or she will learn what it takes to get him or her enrolled in the government schools in Singapore.

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