Why Proper Inventory Management Is Mandatory Even for Small Businesses

Inventory management is often neglected by small businesses or beginner entrepreneurs. Digital goods may be easier to manage but if you have a business that sells physical goods, keeping good track of your inventory will help you in the long run. The first step is to buy a label printer in Singapore online but it will not stop there. You will need to invest in inventory management software and carefully plan your logistics. If you do this early, you will struggle less as your business grows. To understand the value of investing in a printer and proper software, several things need to be highlighted.

Stock Management

The stock of physical goods is difficult to track. Even if your customers have an automated process of ordering items, you also need to keep your stock management in check. Without a proper system, you will end up in situations in which your customers can order products that you no longer have in stock. This will lead to poor customer perception of your business, brand, and products. An inventory management system will keep your physical stock up to date and it will make it easier to manage an online shop.

Order Management

Another important part of good business management is to have proper order management. With a proper system in place, customers will only be able to order products that are in stock and when a product is ordered, it will be removed from existing inventory.


No matter what system you choose, always look for an inventory management system that allows for traceability. If you want to buy a label printer in Singapore online, make sure it can print more than just bar codes. It should be able to print additional information that is taken from an inventory management system. Each label should hold information about when the product was added to the inventory, its location, and expiry date if applicable. Your inventory management system should be able to pair each label with a customer order. This will allow you to track each customer order from the moment it was received by the customer and all the way when you received the product from your supplier.

First In First Out

Labels on product batches make it possible to organize your inventory and let the system automatically decide which product should be sent to a customer. The best system that most businesses use is first in first out or FIFO. If you buy a label printer in Singapore online, make sure that the software you will be using it with has the capability to manage your inventory in such a way that the products that are being removed from stock are the oldest ones. This ensures that you will not end up with expired goods or products that collected dust on a shelf in a storage facility for years.

It may seem overwhelming at first if you do not have a proper stock and inventory management system in place. Consider investing in one. Start by planning to buy a label printer in Singapore online then look at what software you can use to manage everything. There are plenty of solutions available and it is difficult to say which one is the best. What matters is to have a system in place to secure a smooth operation for your business.

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